The path to a dream is full of obstacles. For our customers, there is an endless list of paperwork on the way to their dream building. Rich experience and knowledge allow us to safely take on the paperwork.

We provide a full range of services for the collection of initial data for design, approval of design solutions and architectural supervision, such as:

  • - inspection of buildings and structures;
  • - surveys in Geology / Geodesy;
  • - obtaining technical specifications;
  • - coordination and receipt of town planning conditions;
  • - obtaining initial permits;
  • - passing the project expertise;
  • - building permit;
  • - commissioning (obtaining a certificate);
  • - author's supervision.

Leave the complicated paperwork for our specialists and enjoy the end result yourself.

The cost of the coordinationl service from the "TT Group" company starts from UAH 300.

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